About Us

For the past thirteen years, 3-D Marketing's staff has provided custom designed GPS systems and accessories to the DoD and several Federal Civilian Agencies.   Over the past four years alone over 12,000 NDGPS systems have been supplied to the USDA and we currently supply the DoD with tenís of thousands of their PLGR (Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver) accessory cables annually.    Last year, we added their DAGR (Defense Advanced GPS Receiver) accessory cables and antennas to our product line as well and are now supplying the DoD many of these accessories on long term contracts.  Additionally, military contractors are  now taking advantage of our unbeatable pricing and delivery.


Our RFID line of products was added when we became aware of the DoD RFID Mandate and began searching for a solution.   We quickly realized that solutions for in-house production of RFID labels were significantly overpriced and therefore decided there was a business opportunity for us to create our own line of economically priced solutions and bring them to market.