USDA System Accessories

Name Description Price
External Antenna Mounting Plate This plates screws onto any 5/8" male thread. $25.00
A31 Antenna Antenna for use w/MBX-4 Beacon Receiver $495.00
MagMount Magnetic Mount for External Antenna $60.00
Thread Adapter For use w/Mag Mount for External Antenna $10.00
GIS Backpack Orange Backpack w/antenna bar (no logo). $150.00
RF Cables We carry RF cables with TNC-MCX connectors and TNC-BNC connectors to work with all the GARMIN receivers. Please specify which connection you require. 2.5 meters in length. $45.00
Antenna Cable TNC-BNC Connectors - 5.0 meters in lengths. $50.00
3D Quadcom Cable This is our Power/Data Color-Coded Communication Cable that allows 4/5-way Communication. $250.00
Null Modem Adapter These are used in conjunction with the QuadCom cable for communication with multiple devices. $10.00